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Sunday, August 17, 2014

CD17 - IUI Day!!

Soo much discomfort this morning before even getting to the clinic! I was sitting all funny in the truck during the 2 hour drive to the clinic, I just couldn't get comfortable and somehow no matter how I was sitting I kept feeling weird pressure on my ovaries.

This was our view on the way up.. cloudy and a windshield full of bug splatter :P

When we got to the clinic, we went to the reception and paid the $250.00 IUI fee, they put a bracelet around my wrist with my name and information and sent my husband to the sperm lab area so he could go produce his sample. They told us it was a very busy procedure day today and the lab would take about 45 minutes so we decided to go walk around the main hospital building and then went back to the clinic and waited the reminder of the time there. Finally they called us in to the procedure room.. it's nothing fancy or different from any of the other rooms.. they just happen to be the rooms at the end of a certain hall. 

I wore my new achor sox! Hoping they bring me some luck and they kept my feet warm :P

The nurse came in to give us the sperm results and went over it with us. She handed me the bag with the sperm and told us a Dr would come in shortly to do the IUI. Lucky for me, it happened to be my new female Dr and she is also the one who happen to do my baseline ultrasound for this cycle. It went well and quick. At first my cervix was being a bit stubborn but it didn't take too long before it was all over and I got to lay there for the usual 10 minutes.  

Don't mind my grumpy face in this pic.. It's more like here we go again... kinda sad/mad that we're here again and really hoping it's the last.. AGAIN! 

Here I am after the IUI was done.. all smiles because the hard part was over.. now the 2WW officially starts!!!

My awesome husband rubbed my feet for the entire 10 minutes! He's so good to me and wanted to make sure I fully relaxed. He's really good at it too and I didn't even have to ask, he just did it on his own. He looked so into it haha.

Just laying there enjoying my foot rubs hihi ;) but also nervous and deep down inside telling those sperms to swim swim swim fast and make it happen!!!!

 When it was all done, we had to walk threw the "Baby Hall of Success" to exit.. They have added 2 huge new boards up full of new pictures since last time we were here (since last Jan). This is me infront of the only board that still has room to be filled.. dreaming that maybe someone will walk by this wall and see my babies sweet little face on there instead of the other way around.

This is the pic I added to my Instagram tonight.

When we were all done we went out for lunch then drove back home. I changed into my comfy around the house clothes and my little miss Nella came instantly and cuddled my stomach...
 then she fell asleep in no time and didn't move for 2 hours. She was glued to my stomach! It was really comforting and made me happy. She's such a cutie and loves to be cuddled and held.
Yuck! Just noticed that weird looking stain on my shirt and quickly realized that's dry craft paint I tried to scrap off a while ago haha. It's not some gross snot or wtv else you think I can assure you!

The Crafty Infertile Mrs.White (who has all fingers and toes crossed!)