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Monday, January 27, 2014


I got my scheduled bloodwork done today and if all goes according to plan Id have another bloodwork to do February 5th (15DP-IUI) to confirm pregnancy.

Okay.. So I'm totally guilty of poas this morning... I know better and I know it's only 7days post iui but I couldn't help it I wanted to know/make sure the trigger shot was out of my system... Sure enough there was the faintest line on the stick!!! I kinda freaked out by myself this morning... But convinced myself it must be the ending of trigger shot lingering in my body.. The trigger dosage was extremely high...  Although... I triggered 9 days ago... I thought it would be out of my system around this time. And technically my "hoping" fertilized egg wouldn't implant till day 6-8 so I'd be right in that period but it shouldn't show up yet... I wish I would have taken a picture of it.. Will try when I get home from work if the line is even still there! 

So... The weirdest thing happened to me Saturday night.. I was laying in bed, it was really late and I wanted to relax and empty my mind so I put on my Cycle and Bloom Cd on my iPod and put my earphones on (hubby had been sleeping for hours he worked early next day and I had been up all night making crafts haha) So I'm completely relaxed my mind is empty and suddenly I feel this weird pinch feeling in my uterus (pretty sure it was uterus because it wasn't pain in my ovaries that I know all to well and it wasn't my stomach area) but ya.. It was quick and sudden then nothing. It totally got me out of my zen I looked at the time and it was 1:03am. Could this have been implantation?? Wouldn't it be way too early being it was the night of 5DP-IUI?? Since then I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe it was a sign that this time will be our time.. I don't know.. Can't help but have a little bit of hope. 

- still extremely sore breast.. They still feel very swollen, full, heavy and hurt just slightly touching them. 
- random very mild cramping today. I was driving in my car and suddenly could feel weird cramping but nothing serious.
- no headaches lately witch is awesome for someone like me who gets chronic migraines! Feeling pretty good about that. 
- my jeans are suddenly too tight :( either I'm bloated or gaining weight from not exercising. (Have been in too much pain and extremely tired from work to think about going to the gym plus way too scared and wouldn't risk it during this super important 2ww!! Wouldn't want it to not implant properly but def feeling the pounds :( Wondering if it's also my body reacting to all the hormones I've been pumping it with the past couple weeks... Not too happy about the weight gain tho :( I feel so bloated. 
- my gluten-free diet is still going strong.. Only cheated 2 times once for our wedding anniversary dinner and the next day I eat my leftovers because I was too exhausted from work to eat it all that night. 

The Infertile Mrs.White