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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CD13 - relaxing day

Today we slept in till noon and it felt sooo good! That's what vacations are all about :)
We then relaxed and watched a bit of the food network then we went to the gym and I put my little brother threw a pretty great chest/shoulder/back/quads workout. He was a trooper.

Haha I look a little hard core here.. I usually wear much brighter funky clothes.. but this was the only gym outfit that was clean :P

Being back in the gym lifting heavy, working hard and sweating made me feel alot better. I did feel some tugging when I was doing bench press.. I lifted 95lbs and felt some tugging in my ovaries so stopped and had to adjust all my workouts to make sure I wasn't stretching my hip area. It was nice to be sore somewhere else then my ovaries that's for sure. I felt really good when we were done and glad that I decided to push threw in the gym.

When we got home, my brother and I brought the dogs to the off leash dog park for a good 45 mins while hubby stayed home and started cooking a BBQ supper for all of us. So when we got home we showered and eat really filling and healthy ground beef balls with corn on the cob, asparagus and peppers/onions. We don't eat our burgers in a bun, we break them up into pieces and eat them with the veggies.

We then played a board game called Carcassonne, really love that game!

Then a little blogging then bed time and we have to wake up soooo early again tomorrow for follow up ultrasound #3!!!! Keeping fingers crossed that the med increase did the job!


The Crafty Infertile Mrs.White