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Sunday, July 14, 2013

CD3 - GonalF100 Day1

Here we go again!!
Day 1 Gonal-F100IU

Thank God for our insurances..
2 pens cost $602.00. Our insurance covers $481.60 and so we paid $120.40!!! Not too bad at all.

This time around our insurance also seems to be covering a larger amount because last cycle when I bought 2 pens at once I had to pay $138.09 and insurance had covered $462.91. A little weird how that all works but hey if it's cheaper now I'll take it! 

Don't mind my nails, I had just painted them and so they look a little messy here..

I would like to add that I injected myself like a big girl today! I feel alot more brave around needles now and also because of my work hours this week I will have to inject myself on my own while at work so I figured I would just inject myself every time for this cycle. I will however get hubby to do the trigger shot for me, this way he will still feel involved and also because I can't handle to look at actual needles. The pens aren't so scary to use and look at.. but the trigger shot is a full out needle needle and I still have a phobia of them. 

The Brave Infertile Mrs.White