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Saturday, July 27, 2013

CD16 GonalF125 D14 - Followup u/s & bw #4

Cycle Day 16
GonalF Injections Day 14
Followup Blood Work & Ultrasound Round 4
7 Days of GonalF 100iu 
7 Days of GonalF 125iu
( Working on 5th pen )

What a BIG difference it makes when you have a really great, nice, sweet, optimistic Doctor. This time around my experience was much much better and even though my follicles are still not ready for IUI, I still left the room feeling good and with a smile on my face. She explained to us everything she was doing (measuring) and just mainly talked to us threw out the ultrasound so 1 it didn't feel so uncomfortable, 2 made us feel important and like we were really being taken care of and 3 made me feel at ease about the numbers I was seeing on the screen and made us feel comfortable enough to ask questions and even make a small video of my follicles on the monitor! 

Right ovary: 13.5, 14.5 and a couple of 9's. (she did not measure them, only the biggest ones she saw) 
Left ovary: 13.6, and a bunch of 8-9's. (She didn't measure these either, only anything above 9.5) 
Lining: 9.63 (Yay, it's growing!!)
Estrogen: 667 (first time they actually give me my number.. this is my result from last blood work on 21st)

Here is how my day went..

Me in my white sheet waiting to be called into the ultrasound room. Hubby took the picture :) I look so sleepy haha.. I slept a little over an hour in the car on the way up.. ZzzZZzzz Had 2 hours sleep last night, couldn't fall asleep!

Waiting for the Dr to come in...

Here we go.. round 4 of follow up ultrasound + blood work. 

Hubby and I in his truck after the apt on our way to go grab some lunch.. huuungry! He didn't want his picture taken so he was trying to do faces :P

Our view on our way back home.. grey grey sky and clouds everywhere.. I ended up sleeping an hour on the way home :P On the way TO the clinic, hubby drank 2 Monster energy drinks and one XL black coffee from Tim Hortons and on the way home he drank an XL americano coffee from McDonalds. You think he would be wired but no he was so sleepy as well so we cranked up some tunes and when we got home we both took a really long nap with the pooches much needed :)  

Seriously though, what a difference a Doctor can do for your emotions and sense of peace. Kinda wishing she was the Dr following me threw the whole thing. My main Dr is Dr.C. but during the ultrasounds it's who ever is on the schedule for that day who does the ultrasounds then my Dr.C will go over my chart later on that day and signs on things I guess but I don't actually see him unless it's his day on u/s.

The Infertile Mrs.White