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Monday, July 29, 2013

CD18 GonalF125 D16 - Followup u/s & bw #5

Cycle Day 18
GonalF Injections Day 16
Followup Blood Work & Ultrasound Round 5
7 Days of GonalF 100iu 
8 Days of GonalF 125iu
( Used up all 5 pens )

Right ovary: 19.2 and an almost 18 (YAY to two winners!!) 
Left ovary: 15.5 (could be a 16 by tonight!!) 
Lining: did not measure but looked nice and thick :) 
Estrogen: 698 (on the 27th) 

Doing Trigger Shot tonight at 10pm!! :D 

Doctor said anything above 16 is a mature enough egg to fallow threw with trigger shot (ovidrel) so yay to my little follicles growing big :D 

Doctor said we have a chance for triplets.. I can only wish and keep fingers crossed!!! 

That's right lady's... This little lady has FINALLY got a 1.92cm!!!!! I was in shock when I saw the screen haha. Dr even printed a ultrasound photo for us to keep haha. She thought it was cute that my husband was doing a video of the screen so she said she would give us a pic too haha. She's awesome!! 

Only thing is the nurse gave us the wrong picture this one is of a follicle in my right ovary that measures 14.3. Nurse looked shocked and didn't understand that Dr wanted us to have a copie so she just cut out whatever picture but none the less happy we got "A" picture in general.

Here is how my day went..

At 5:20am we were on the road! Hubby drove the truck and I drove my car to my work and parked it there then hoped into his truck this way he can drop me off at my car on the way home and I can rush to work and save time getting to my clients place. Bonus it was a gorgeous sunrise too :) 

Me in my white sheet really looking forward to this hopefully last follow up ultrasound for this cycle. 

Hubby couldn't resist taking a picture of me taking a picture of the ultrasound screen haha. We got a winner!! Feels amazing. 

There it is again :D 

Changing back into my clothes feeling happy and sooo relived!!! 

Our view on the way back to town. Pretty isn't it :) 

The Very Happy Infertile Mrs White
:D xoxoxo