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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My hypothyroidism

Two thumbs down for slow thyroid! 

Monday (15th) I got a call and voicemail on my cell from the fertility clinic. Right when I saw the missed called my heart panicked since there shouldn't have been any reason for them to call me... I started listening to the message, turns out my Doctor read my blood work results from Saturday (13th) and he wants to up my dose of Synthroid. I was on 50mcg and he wanted me to up the dose to 75mcg. The voicemail asked me to call them back and give them the name and fax number of my pharmacy so they could fax over my new prescription straight to them in order for me to start taking the new dose as soon as possible. I ended up calling them back the minute I was able to and their voice box was full!.. so it transferred me to a different voice box and I left my message there. I called my pharmacy later on that night to check if my prescription was in yet and pharmacist said no. I got a call back from the fertility clinic yesterday morning saying that the voice box for the nurses line is now empty and that I was to call them and leave a new message. (Lotsa phone tag here!) So I did exactly that.. In my message I asked them to call me the minute my prescription was sent so I would know when it was done. The nurse called me back in the early afternoon and she was really great about it all and took the time to explain the situation to me. 

Apparently my Thyroid level is at 4.42 and they want to keep it under 4 or as close to 4 as possible.  Then the nurse adds that an infertile woman they usually would like to keep it closer to a 2. Gah!!! :( 

Freak out moment there!! Like wow i'm more then double the number that is preferred. Here I was thinking I was doing everything I could to make sure my body was working according to plan.. (taking lots of vitamins and minerals, taking my folic acid daily along with my thyroid med) I knew my thyroid wasn't working very well.. I have ALL the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and found that despite my measly 50mcg of synthroid it didn't scratch the surface of my problem.. I am always tired, everything seems like such an effort, my extremities are always cold and easily cold, I get headaches daily and  severe migraines at least 2-3 times a week (in the past 2 months), concentration is hard after noon, I get real sleepy out of the blue for no reason and this is not a good experience to go threw when you have to work with disabled clients 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I need to be and feel like top shape yet every time I told my family Dr how I felt and that I did not believe my dosage was right for me he kept saying my blood work showed I was fine. 

Regular family Doctor's do NOT understand thyroid! They are sooo frustrating and I say "they" because I have gone threw many family Doctors and it was a battle trying to get one of them to finally put me on meds! I cried, I argued, I didn't leave the room till he listened to me and finally he said let's try out the lowest dose possible and see your blood work 4 weeks later and go from there. Well 4 weeks later came and went and I'm still at the lowest dose possible for synthroid. Family Doctors can be so useless and if you have a good one that listens to you and works WITH you to find the problem and solve it together then they are a keeper and cherish them!! 

My thyroid problem would also explain my lack of motivation to do anything lately.. I'm always so tired, too tired and want to lay on the couch and not move when I come home from work. Also would explain my weight gain (ughhh) I seem to just keep gaining and gaining. I tried the whole gym thing (still trying at it) and diets and eating healthier... nothing seems to budge but the scale going up and up.. :(

The Infertile Mrs. White