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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

IUI #2 : Check.

My Journey threw IUI #2

This was the little room where my dear husband got to sit and ejaculate into a little cup... 
The joy's of IUI. Lucky for us, that's never a problem for him :P

After the washing process.. 
only the fastest, strongest and best sperm win! 
Here they are :-)  

$250.00 (IUI cost)
8 full thank of gas
6 hours of work missed
2 full days of work off
And IUI is finally here!!!

Me holding up the Winners who made the cut!!! :P We were both really happy with the sperm results too! I will make a post with the sperm sheet results (we asked them for a copy and the lab lady gave us the results from BOTH IUI's so even better!)

After the IUI procedure, I had to lay down for 10 minutes..
For some reason, the Dr who did this IUI set the time for longer but that made me happy.
Also, laying there right after gives me a piece of mind even thought I know it does't matter if you do or not, once it's in there it's in there..   

Me and my good luck charm.. Waiting patiently for the timer to go off..
Laying there on the table trying to think of only good thoughts. 

Hubby and I's hands.. Really really hoping this works!! 

This "Faith" rock I've had for a couple years now. When my hubby and I were going threw ruff waters way before we got married I held on to this rock every night and kept telling myself that 'everything happens for a reason and that whatever happens between us it's in faith's hand, that I couldn't control the outcome anymore'. Turns out we got married a couple months later and haven't been happier. This rock (my good luck charm) represents alot to me. We really feel like this might actually be our shot... I had great looking follicles and he produced top shape sperm.. it's gotta work no?.. after all the work that was put into this.. 

Me riiiight after lying down for 10 minutes. IUI#2 all done
Now the LOOONG 2 WEEKS WAIT begins!

The Infertile Mrs.White