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Sunday, July 21, 2013

CD10 GonalF125 Day8 - Followup u/s & bw #2

Alright, here's where I'm at.. 

Cycle Day 10
GonalF Injections Day 8
Followup Blood Work & Ultrasound Round 2
7 Days of GonalF 100iu 
Today start GonalF 125iu
(2 pens down, starting pen 3 tonight $)

Somewhere between Friday and today (Sunday) my nice 11mm follicle has disappeared.
Ya I know, weird.. I kinda begged her to find it and in that process my ovaries started to really hurt.. She was digging and really pushing the wand against my ovaries to try and find something above 9.2. Nada! My hopes that this cycle wouldn't last 19 days again kinda flew out the window at this point. She says that maybe what the other Dr saw was 2 follicles that looked like 1.. but I swear I saw that screen with my two eyes and it was definitly ONE very nice looking 11mm follicle. So frustrating.. Once we left the clinic I started trying to see the positive in this.. and I came up with.. well I remembered the Dr on Friday saying usually when 1 follicles outgrows the others that it's the leader and usually the others wont catch up or keep growing... So I figured maybe this way is better since they are all pretty much around the same size now and hopefully they will all kinda grow together.. I'm really hoping for more then 1 winner follicle.. I know this is probably alot of people's worst nightmare but I want twins more then anything so bring on multiple big follicles! 

For the verdict: Both my ovaries contained MANY follicles measuring between 8.7 and 9.2
I lost count after she measured 6. I don't know what this means tho for the growth progress. 2 days ago they were between 7.5 and 8.9 that means they haven't grown much at all.. Altho now all the 8's are now almost 9's but still not a significant growth. GAHH soooo frustrating! I really thought this cycle would be in my favor.. maybe not baby wise but at least to know my follicles can grown and not take like 20 fregan days!! This makes me worried for IVF.. I gotta say I'm glad we gave IUI another shot so I can get to know my body patterns a little better.. and so far they suck very much.  

Here's a look at how my day went. 
The only good things about appointments on the weekend is the clinic opens at 9am instead of 7:45am. Lets us sleep in a little longer. Although we ended up leaving the house at 6:15 and hubby had already gone to fill up the truck while I was finishing up getting ready... We took our time driving up and had plenty of time for washroom break once we got to the clinic and time to park (nice $8.00 parking grr).

Walking out of the house this morning, look at that, a double rainbow!!! :) Hubby thought it was a good sign.

Sunday early morning.. no traffic and cloudy perfect for cruise control and good tunes. 

Here I am again.. in my fancy white sheet, looking tired as usual (I managed to sleep an hour in the car too!)

Blood work done.. messy as usual and I was sore for hours after. HATE NEEDLES!! :(
Nurse man asked me to hold the gauze on my arm when he was done so I threw my hand in that direction as I was looking away the whole time and he laughed at me and said "Still scared of needles eh" Yup, I sure am and they hurt and I feel everything from the moment it touches my skin to when it exits. For some reason that part of my arm is soo sensitive and doesn't help its the 3rd time it gets pocked in the exact same spot in like a week and a half. 

Clock still not working in this room. Don't mind my awful picture.. I was SO tired today and I wanted it all to be over.. we ended up waiting a while in the waiting room and then another good 10 minutes in the little changing room, then another 5 minutes in this room.. the anticipation was getting to me.

 After the appointment and a little window shopping, we had a big appetite and hubby wanted me to try out Mucho Burrito, I had never been. It was delicious but way too much of a burrito, I was so full!

The Not Too Happy & Tired Infertile Mrs.White