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Sunday, August 10, 2014

CD10 - Dinosaur museum & a Great Meal

Today I slept in till 12:30 then we all got up on our own time, got ready and spent a good part of the day walking around touring the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. Hubby and I were really excited to show my little brother this museum because it's so sophisticated and grown up yet kid friendly and we took some pretty neat pictures so thought I would share some with you all.. a glimpse into my day.

playing hide and seek with the dinosaur hahaha

This is a pic my injection prep in my husbands truck, sitting in the parking lot at the museum before we left to go home. I was accidently ONE hour late taking my shot!! :O Ouuups! Totally hadn't seen the time fly by so gave myself the shot the minute I realized what time it was!!

Yes I have stretch marks, my skin is really not stretchy.. pregnancy might be interesting :S . I got them from my weight yo-yo'ing so much. I guess their just some things you get used to.. this injection really hurt for some reason and I bled. The sting went away after a good 10 mins. Not the most flattering pose haha.. I was trying to get the injection done as quick as I can and remembered that I wanted to document this moment haha.

We then drove to Red Deer to introduce my brother to the restaurant called "State & Maine". We had a good cheat meal and really enjoyed supper as we were all famished from a really long day of walking around a huge museum! Doesn't the food look amazing!!!!!!

How I'm feeling today.. pretty good but also very tired. All that walking around really woke up my ovaries and later at night they were achy, besides that I'm good to go :)

The Crafty Infertile Mrs.White