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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CD12 On Vacation!! Banff & Lake Louise

Since my brother came down for a good part of August I booked some vacation time for this week to spend two weekends with him and the whole week. My IUI cycle ended up kinda happening riiiight around that time we had planned to go do all these great outings instead we ended up having to drive to Edmonton for the follow up's and since that's 4 hours round trip and really early in the morning we were pooped after and just ended up going home playing board games and relaxing. Since our 2nd follow up was yesterday, today we have the whole day to ourselves to go have fun, enjoy the outdoors, relax and feel on Vacation!! Soooo we decided to venture out to Banff National Park and to Lake Louise.

The following are the pictures I took with my LG G3 phone, we have soo many better ones with the professional camera, and I'm in alot more of them too since hubby was the one taking pics.. but these show alot of the activities too.. just not as pretty haha...

Here we go!!!
It was a gloomy foggy grey day but we made the best of it!

Quick pit stop on the way to Banff to take some Selfies with the mountains haha! This is my brother and yes we are blood related.. just different dad's.

I made my brother pose for many pictures haha and they all turned out really great! I have like 4 other ones like this taken in different angles and they all looks so neat! Wish I was photogenic :P

Here we are entering Banff National Park.. there's a fee to enter so we're lined up to pay. Def worth every penny!

There's a little story behind this one hahha.. we took like 10 pictures and we were making a bunch of different funny pictures and in most my brother who was sitting in the back poked his head with funny faces. This was the only one where I looked somewhat normal :P

Once in Banff, we parked the car and walk along the main strip riiiight to the "Fudgury" store. They make all sorts of mouth watering AMAZING chocolates, fudges, caramels and much much more. These two just couldn't wait to munch down on them. I made them stop eating for a sec and take this pic and my husband was eyeing his next bite hahaha that's just how amazing it is! I somehow managed to keep my portion till tomorrow. My stomach was upset and watching these two chow down so much sugar made me feel ill. They each eat like a bag full. They were on a sugar high and made this day trip hilarious. Sooo many pictures I am not posting but their hilarious and one of us always seemed to ruin the picture with some weird face.  

Then we decided to drive to Lake Louise witch is in the Banff National Park but about.. I think it was a 45 min drive, I forget I was too busy taking pics out my window and looking at the pics we had already taken and laughing. I so needed this vacation. Pics below was at a rest stop on the way to  Lake Louise, we figured why not stretch out legs and take more funny pics!

See what I mean... hahaha

Back in the car and still on our way.. this is our.. we're almost there faces hahaha

Bam!!! There it is... the beauty of Lake Louise!!! Check out that water, it's unreal!

I put my feet in and told hubby he should try too... Forgot to mention to him it was ICE COLD! ;) hahhaha.

We sat on these rocks for a bit and soaked it all in. It was a real foggy day but still beautiful.

baahahhaha we tried to take a "nice" pic.. didn't turn out so good. This pic made me realized I need a new haircut and hair dye ASAP! (haven't done anything to my hair since last Nov!!)

We just couldn't help it !

Finally a good one!!!

This was on the way back to the city of Banff.. a nice little pit stop. Real gloomy day but still cool.

Aww I love this man!

Can't forget the shot shot shot shot! It's injection time!!! Did this in the truck while we were driving. Prob not the safest but I got it done.

Sunset over the mountains leaving Banff.

We have much better pictures of the mountains and the size of them with the other camera.. I'll have to get hubby to load them on my laptop as I'm not sure where he put the camera memory card.

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