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Saturday, August 16, 2014

CD16 Swollen ovaries & discomfort

First thing I did this morning when I woke up was POAS!!! On both the Opk and the pregnancy test strip.. Just a thing I do the day after the trigger and I test it out of my system so that when I do test I know it's a real answer and not the trigger lingering in my body.

So here it is.. the first POAS of this cycle!

The top green test is the ovulation test and the blue one below is a pregnancy test. I took the picture when they were still wet and pretty fresh so as they dried they became quite dark. These tests are just my cheapies so I don't feel bad using them to test out trigger.

In the afternoon, my ovaries started to really ache. I was doing the groceries with my little brother and out of the blue my ovaries started to really ache, enough that I just wanted to go straight home the minute we were done and lay down a bit. Man is there ever action going on in there today!

Sitting or laying down isn't comfortable, I keep feeling this weird ache.. standing up is a bit better but I've been trying to relax and enjoy my time off work so I watched a movie on netflix, did some crafts for my niece/goddaughter's belated birthday (making this really awesome interactive princess castle album). I'll post some pictures of the finish product in the next couple days when I'm all done :) I just have to remember to make a post about it!! Been working really hard on it and so far I love it!

I'm getting nervous for tomorrow (IUI day) and I have no idea why. I mean this is my 4th time, I know exactly what to expect and what the procedure will be like but for some reason all day I've had this anxious feeling inside. I really hate not knowing what size my follicles actually grew to before triggering.. I also don't like not knowing how many follicles actually grew to size.. maybe I have 2, maybe 4.. maybe only 1 and the others shrunk to make room for that 1 big one?! Who knows but all these questions rolling around in my mind is exhausting ugh. I wish I could be super happy and excited about 2 big follicles that are between 20-22, instead I'm nervous of the unknown. I know they def grew because I upped the dosage and really felt my ovaries grow and ache but that might have been the 12-13 ones growing... once again I hate the unknown.. especially when your this far in the game and you paid alot to get there. 

It's already CD16 and I have to say time sure has flown by. I had the week off from work since my brother flew down to stay with us and visite for almost 3 weeks, and taking that week off ended up working really good since I had 3 follow ups and injections to take and it allowed me to take my mind off everything since we took that time off to go out and have fun. We drove all over and visited many places with my brother and showed him around. As awesome and fun as that was, I really haven't had much time to myself and a break really. I feel like I'm gonna need a vacation from my vacation haha. I'm a home body and I love my alone time and for the past 2 weeks I haven't had much time to myself but I am SOO happy to spend all this time with my brother so it works out.

The Crafty Infertile Mrs.White