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Monday, August 11, 2014

CD11 FollowUp 2 & med increase

Here we go again!!!

Check out the sunrise!

We left home a little later then usual it was so hard getting up! Once we got to the clinic we were already 10th in line!! That means alot of waiting.

Dr M had a male assistant "shadowing" with him today.. i take it he will become a new Dr in the clinic.. most likely since mine retired. He seemed very nice and eager to learn, he walked in and grabbed my file and started reading.. It was a bit uncomfortable I have to admit.. to not have 1 male Dr but two in the room while your spread eagle. You'd think at this point we get used to it.. I just wanted to get the ultrasound over with.

**Warning.. there is a rant coming on..
The Dr finally measured my lining, it was at 8 and that's not bad at all :) Dr said it looked very good and it was on it's way. All was good until he BARELY measured my ovaries once again! *grunt and angry face* He only measures one follicle in each ovary and he seemed to have measured the first larger follicle he saw at first glance in each ovary. Witch in my case, usually the Dr's have to dig around the ovary and measure a couple to make sure they found the biggest because my ovaries are seriously FULL of follicles and sometimes it's hard to see all of them properly. They also usually like to measure more then one in each to see witch ones grew, if some shrunk and mainly to see if there is a progress. I'm not kidding when I say he did not look around at all, he just pointed the probe to the right measured first larger follicle he sees on the screen and did the same on the left and just yanked the probe out before I could ask any questions or ask to measure more. I was stunt and really annoyed. Any other Dr in the clinic would have taken more time to look around and taken down more information. *Grrrr!* We waited sooo long in the waiting room this morning for literally 2 seconds of an ultrasound! I totally felt cheated of my rights to a proper ultrasound and checkup.
*Rant over :)

The Verdict...
Ultrasound done by Dr.M (male)
Lining: 8 
Right ovary: 11 +++ (11 was the biggest ones but had a BUNCH of smaller contenders)
Left ovary: 11 +++
Injection dosage: INCREASE to 187.5iu Menopur (I cheated and did closer to 200iu, let's get the show on the road!)

Dr said to increased my Menopur dosage from 150iu that equals 2 vials of 75iu each to 187.5iu witch is 2 vials and a half. I asked the pharmacy how I was supposed to take only half of a vial and it turns out not to be complicated at all. First you start off by taking 2ml from your solution and inject all 2ml in 1 bottle of menopur but only retract 1ml (once it's fully diluted), then you proceed as usual with the two other bottles. I know my body and I knew that if my follicles weren't growing as fast as last IUI cycle I wanted to get the show on the road so I upped my dosage from 187.5iu to.. oh man I'm not sure what the measurements would be but instead of taking out only 1ml from the 2ml at the start I took out 1ml +3/4 (3 lines on the syringe pass the 1ml line). I feel confident that this hopefully will do the trick plus I hate to throw out half a bottle worth of meds that I paid for since the pharmacy does NOT recommend keeping the other half in the fridge in case of contamination and they can't guarantee it's quality or something along those lines once it's already been mixed.

Afterwards we went to the Pharmacy to pick up 2 more vials of meds since the new med increase. and since the Pharmacy suggested not keeping the other half of the vial we needed to buy an extra vial and we will now use 3 vials a day and discard the other half vial.

Personally I am upset that he increased my dosage without properly looking threw my ovaries.. for all he knows I could have a good size follicle hiding in there... I'm not kidding when I say he didn't look. My husband made a video with his cell phone of the screen and I'll try and upload it real soon so you guys can make your own opinions and help me out!

Afterwards we decided to go to the West Edmonton Mall and show my brother all the cool features of the mall like the roller coasters, the huge boat and seal show, the indoor staking rink and so on... we walked around sooo much my ovaries were really starting to ache so we decided to leave... But not before checking out the shooting range in the mall and shooting some guns!!!! 

I need some shooting practice hahaha although this was my very first time!

My little brother's first time shooting a gun and he looks pretty bad ass doing it haha!
We also shot with great big guns but I don't have a pic of it. And I have no idea what kind of guns they were.. I'd have to ask my husband but you can see it in the pic laying there in the pod beside him... that big gun was my favorite, I had so much more control. 

An other cool thing about today is I got a new Starbucks Coffee Mug! Yahoo! That little furry creature in the back is my cutie Nella, she's a pure bread shitzu.

When we got home they went to take a 2.5 hour nap while I stayed awake and created a really neat Sympathy Card for a neighbor who just lost her 20 year old granddaughter to leukemia. I drew a sketch as I was chatting with a friend on my phone and next thing I know I ended up creating something even better.. I will add a new post with the card so look out for it :) Def worth it haha.. there's sparkles, butterflies, ripped paper and much much more haha!

But now I am extremely tired since everyone else got some sleep but me... so it's bed time for me!

The Crafty Infertile Mrs.White