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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CD5 - Injections & Gym/Clean Eating routine

Day 3 of injections.. check!
I've got this! :)

I've been really hard on myself lately around going to the gym and my workouts. My ovaries are starting to swell and I feel restricted in the gym with what I can do. I really don't want to push it and disrupt anything going on in my body. I took today off the gym because I needed a day off since I had been going pretty steady. I'm already starting to feel weaker.. I miss working out legs and doing heavy squats and lunges and so on. I really hope in the end I get pregnant because once I know I am and that it's safe to workout again I will feel much better and I'd make up a completely new gym routine. For now I'm just in limbo.. I workout my shoulders, arms, back, chest, bicep, tricep... Anything and everything upper body.. kinda leaving my leg workouts behind.. I am also doing 30 minutes of walking incline on the treadmill so 10 minutes at the start of my workout and 20-30 minutes at the end of each workout. I refuse to loose my muscle tone that I've worked so hard to get and I still have weight to loose before I feel good in my skin again so I am determined to keep it up and I also want to keep my hormones in check and I know that by continuying going to the gym it will help to keep them steady. I also don't want to loose the "going to the gym groove" so even on the days that I don't really feel like going I still drag my butt there and once there I'm glad I went.

My diet.... "Healthy Clean Eating life style" is still on point and I feel really good about it. I do not eat any processed foods, I load up daily on my veggies and I mean load up! I eat lots of blueberries for antioxidents.. I eat my lean protein and munch on my favorite Cookies & Cream "Quest Bars!' and the Chocolate Chip ones as well. Best way to get your protein in.. especially for someone like me who's not huge on meat.

I sometimes (ok often) heat them up in my toaster oven.. 
amazing a little crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside.. perfection! 

I was craving a "Oh yeah!" bar.. so hubby went out and got one for me to have for after my Follow Up Ultrasound this friday Yay! :D (It's a protein bar and tastes really good). He also picked up more quest bars for me since I only had a few left and he wanted me to have some during this cycle.. they really do help when you have a sugar craving and oh so satisfying!

 Hubby and I bough these great salad mixes at Costco. They are excellent for getting all those not really good tasting greens that you really need in your diet in a fun way. If your ever in Costco I highly suggest these! Also loving my new Pink water bottle that came in the mail today!! Gooo Better Bodies!! :D Hubby likes to surprise me with random little things that he knows will make me happy and feel good :) Yay to amazing husbands!!!  

This picture is me getting a good sweat on at the gym a couple weeks back.
Not the most flattering of me but I can def see a weight loss progress from when I first started :)
I'm really proud of myself and I wanna keep this going strong.
Don't mind the funny faces hahaa.. I was dying of heat and soreness! It's all about pushing threw the entire workout and maximizing every set!!
The Infertile but strong Mrs.White