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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CD6 & a surprise

I came home to this waiting for me on the bed!! hahaha..
Hubby shopped online for some bras and underwear for me a while back and it finally came in the mail, he was like a little kid so excited to give them to me. I absolutely HATE bra shopping and so I don't own many (or enough) bra's and my underwear are all starting to fall apart as I hate paying alot of money for barely any material. Soo hubby went surfing the net for good bra's that hold well and that look cute all at the same time. He seriously is one of a kind! He even asked me to model them for him so he can make sure they fit and he was all excited to know he bought the right ones for my body type. He's def a keeper haha.

5 new bras and 3 new underwear..
PLUS he bought me 3 new pairs of super cute stylish Under Armour thongs couple days ago and a new black sports bra! Can you believe they all fit me really good too! Can't wait to give them a try! :) So much magic comes with loosing weight! I'm a 36D but often fit in 36DD and or 38D depending on the make. I'm all for wide straps and large clasps at the back. Comfort and style all in one.

The Happy Infertile Mrs.Whtie