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Sunday, August 3, 2014

CD3 baseline u/s

Here is a little bit of how my baseline ultrasound day went...

- Wake up early, get ready and leave for Edmonton (2 hours away)
- Get to clinic, go to reception, get little stickers with my name... go sit and wait
- Wait some more, play on my new phone... hear my name.
- Go in the back, change my bottom half into a white drape and wait some more.
- Get called into room.. wait some more

 - Dr. T comes in the room in a very cheerful good mood. She used to be the Dr during my 3 other IUI's that used to be so serious, mean looking, not really friendly looking or approachable. Always looked miserable.. this lady walked in huge smile on her face, greeted us, made jokes,.. she actually asked me how I was doing and feeling. Both hubby and I were blown away. Good start to this cycle already. Who knows what changed in her but I like her alot already! She then asked us if we have met before and we were like sadly yes for 3 IUI's. Told her the last time we were here was in January. Then she asked us "So.. when are you doing IVF?" We kinda got taken back and replied when we can afford it :( (Bah hate that everything about infertility revolves around money, timing, waiting, wallets getting thinner.) Then she said "Well then lets make sure we see a baby in 9 months eh!". Her enthusiasm was contagious and just what we needed jumping back into a 4th one. Still stunned that this is the same lady I dreaded getting only 6 months ago! Later on hubby and I joked around saying maybe she got laid or maybe some lady got sick of her being so cold and miserable looking and gave her a taste of reality and maybe this gave her a reality check that in the field she choose to work in she needs to perk it up a little and throw on a smile from time to time. Anywaysss.. back to my story :P

Dr.T starts the ultrasound and at first glace she asked me if I was having any pains, I told her that yes actually my ovaries have been hurting me the past couple days, enough to stop me in my track and want to push down hard on them. She proceeded by measured both ovaries.. my husband weirdly remembers that one was 2.25 x 3.7 in size and the other looked pretty similar if not a little bit bigger. We did not make a video this time around so it makes it harder to remember all that was said and what the numbers were.. so I'm going off by memory.

Right ovary has a nice big string of pcos pearls.. :(
Left ovary is apparently sitting high (not in it's usual spot and probably what is causing the pain). To me, ovary looked okay tho, I had a couple follicles hanging around and it looked much nicer (emptier) then all the other baseline's I've had. Last baseline for IUI3 the Dr actually asked "are you sure this is your baseline?!" guess I already had many follicles growing or something. Anyways.. As she was "probing" around, she asked me if she was hurting me, I said no it was fine. She took many pictures of that ovary and looked around at every inch of it in all angles she could. It made me wonder what was going on but she didn't say anything further about it so I just assumed it would correct itself?! Never knew of someone having an ovary sitting high out of the blue when it's never been that way before.. I wonder if maybe working out alot has caused it? Or the ab workouts I've been doing?! No clue.

When she was all done, she wrote me a prescription to start Menopur 150iu.(same as last time)
- Went into little room, changed back into my clothes.
- Went to the nurse station and they officially book you in their system for the follow up apt. Nurse usually give us a bright orange or pink sheet with our med dosage on it and the date of our next apt but she never gave us the paper. She also never gave us my bloodwork requisition sheet that we are to bring at the following apt to get it done before the u/s.

Here's a little view of the nurse station :P Nothing fancy at all.
- I tell the nurse that we are from out of town and that the pharmacy is closed on Sunday and we would need loners to last us 5 days (till Friday). She went in the back to check and told us that if she were to give me 5 days worth they would have none left (of Menopur). Asked me if she could give me a couple days worth and I could get more before Friday, I told her I live 4 hours away round trip and there was no way we would drive up again before Friday. (sorry not sorry.. that's just way too much driving). She totally made us feel guilty that we were taking up all their reserve but at this point I didn't care because when I had called to book my CD3 baseline I told them that we would need to get loner medication on that day (Sunday) since we live far, I warned them I'd need 5 days worth at a high dosage and they said no problem and explained that pharmacy give them loaners but now I realize they didn't take under consideration that it was the long weekend! So nurse gives me 5 days worth of menopur (so 2 boxes) and sends us on our way. We walk all the way to the car and as I put the boxes on the seat I look at my husband and said "wait a minute, something is not right.. something is missing.." Sure enough we have the med but no needles, no Q-cap, no syringes, no alcohol swabs.. none of the essential components to actually inject the stuff. So we walked back up to the 2nd floor and went back to see the nurse who then laughed when we told her we needed supplies. She went back and got some needles but sure enough when we got home we realized she gave us 1ml needles since when she asked what quantity we take we said 1ml so she ended up giving us a exact 1ml syringe but it makes it sooo awkward injecting myself when the syringe is all the way out, like we had to fill the little syringe all the way to the top witch really isn't ideal. She also didn't give us any alcohol swabs but that's okay since we happen to have a couple at home.

On our drive home I noticed I had a voicemail from the hospital/clinic. Sure enough it was the nurse saying she thinks she forgot to give us my bloodwork requisition. I called her and said yes she did and I had totally forgotten about that myself when I was preoccupied with making sure I had all I needed to make it to Friday. Turns out Friday when we go I'll just have to let the nurse who will do my bloodwork know that my req sheet is in my file in the nurse station.. pain in the butt but it works. It's just crazy how forgetful she was on every aspect of sending us home with the right things.

Hubby and I laughed it off though because we were in a good mood, we both didn't work later on in the day, we took our time getting there and overall despite the hiccups it went well... Also since we have been there done that not much can stress us out anymore. We learned to just roll with the punches.

Ohh one more thing I almost forgot.. a pretty big thing actually.. so when I called the nurse back about the blood work sheet.. she asked me if I had gotten a new Dr yet. I was like humm what do you mean.. she then said that my Dr.C (the Dr who's actually my Dr and reviews my files and such) is RETIRED! Man oh man that was out of the blue.. I knew he was old but crap how come no one notified us about this! She was like yeah he no longer works here and you need to have a new Dr take over your files (someone who views and documents things after each ultrasound and bloodwork). She was like as of now you don't have anyone and told me to call the main line. Ughh. I was in a car on my way back home and wasn't able to call. I'll make sure to call them first thing tomorrow to get that all sorted out.

That little bit of information now stresses me out. Gahh.. how could they not notify me.. the only thing going threw my mind now is who is going to look over my file if there is no Dr's name associated with it anymore. Really not happy about this and hope to get things straightened out ASAP!

We then decided to go out and get some lunch, Pita Extreme for hubby and a Wendy's Chicken Salad for me then we went to IKEA!! Love that place!! We bought some new sheer curtains to replace the ones my Shepard cross ruined. Works out good though haha because I've been meaning to change them.

Tonight hubby injected me since it was way too awkward with that tiny full syringe. We plan on getting new bigger ones tomorrow so that I can do it myself. For some reason I actually grew to like having control over the injections. It empowers me and makes me feel stronger and tougher... like I can do this (huge fear of needles) and I feel proud after every injections (and lots of pain.. ouff that stuff burns!).

And so it begins (again!)   :-)
Menopur 150iu, Injection #1, Check!

The infertile Mrs.White