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Saturday, August 9, 2014

CD9 - pain & bruising cont.

I worked today 9-5, it felt like a really long day with alot of walking around. After work I came home, relaxed for about an hour then we all went to the gym (brother, hubby and I). At the gym, I put my brother threw my chest/triceps/shoulder workout hihihi. He was a trooper and it was nice to have a gym partner. He did really good for his first time in the gym and my workouts weren't easy either.

About 2 hours after the injections (witch happened to be while i was at the gym) my ovaries started to really hurt.. like a burning sensation around my ovaries and they felt like they were def growing. I got really worried and thought maybe I was pushing it too much in the gym but I purposely made sure to not do any workouts that included my lower body / abdominal area.

The pic below is what my bruised arm looks like today. (from yesterday's bloodwork) I sent a pic to my mother in law and she thinks the nurse must have gone threw my veine to make it bruise that much. Sorry about the crappy picture, it was hard to capture the true color of the bruise when taking the pic of my own arm.

The Crafty Infertile Mrs.White