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Monday, January 20, 2014


I poas at 5:30am (I was up early to shower and stuff) We left house at 7am and check it out, my beautiful FALSE bfp.. Hahaha wish I could reproduce this exact test in two weeks!!! 
Here's how my day went... IUI#3!!!!!!!!!!

Got to the clinic for 9:25..  Hubby went into the small men's room and produced a nice looking sample of sperm. Then we waited patiently in the waiting room while they took good care of washing them and all that fun stuff. Here were his lab results.. 

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Gosh I'm so excited, finally all done with those harsh Menopur injections, strong trigger shot out of the way and definitely feeling it in my body still... and finally here we go.. sperm gets to meet my egg!!!! The next two weeks are gonna be the longest weeks ever!!

Gross tools. Bah.

This is how babies are made when your an infertile woman.. haha.. Had to add a little bit of comedy to all the stress and pressure we've been under..

After the IUI I get to stay laying down for 10 minutes.. they put a timer on for us and everything.. wish it was longer but I'll take what I can.

My good luck charm! I've had this clear elephant since I was really young and I keep it safe in my treasure box :P Pulled it out for this 3rd IUI.. Really hoping third times a charm!

Me laying down during the 10 minutes.. imagining the swimmers swimming real fast to get to the prize!! Really hoping for the best and can't help but feel happy at this point. My body cooperated this time around and it did all it could up to this point.. It's out of my hands now.

My husband giving me looks.. I was trying to get a good picture of him sitting there haha and he kept giving me funny looks...

There we go! That's the shot I wanted!!!!

There we go! IUI is officially done...

It's all out of our hands now!!

Now on to the longest 2ww EVER!

My legs look so deformed here hahaha.. I like this picture though because I was admiring all the success stories up on the board in the hallway of baby fame :) Hoping I'll have my little miracle(s) up there soon!!!

The Infertile Mrs.White