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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CD11 Follow Up #2

Follow Up Bloodwork & Ultrasound #2

I was in the shower by 3:25am 
In the car leaving home by 4:40am 
CRAZY strong winds on the highway the entire 2 hour drive up.. made for a real stressful morning (I was driving and had to hold on to the steering wheel for dear life with two hands the wind was so strong..                                                                                                                                                                                       Made it to the clinic at 6:40am, we were the 1st ones there... Took a quick washroom break then there were already 3 lady's waiting in line for the elevators to unlock. (they unlock at 7:15) so that made us 4th (first come first serve) Ah well.. 

Waiting room ended up getting really packed again so very happy we were 4th. The receptionist said they were really busy today, 35 lady's! That's nuts.. once they called #2, the waiting room was packed, there wasn't a single seat empty.. I find that crazy! It must be due to people not wanting to have a cycle over the holidays since the office hours varied and figured January would be a new year, fresh start.. (that's what I did haha) so I'm pretty sure other people thought like me too.. I have a feeling November must have been busy too.. everyone wanting to be pregnant over the Christmas holidays to share the news with their families as their "Christmas presents".  

My usual Dr.C was not in today.. but the Dr I least like at the clinic sure was.. I was hoping for the best but we really don't like this Dr. She is so cold, doesn't give much information and goes threw the ultrasound withought saying much at all (or nothing at all), does not reassure her patients, isn't compationate and we really don't appreciate her rushing us threw "our time". This is our process and I want to make sure we know what sizes the follicles are and compare from followup to follow up and I couldn't even keep up with her, she measured so fast and went right to the next before I could even see what the sizes were.. Good thing my hubby used his Iphone and made a video of the monitor  so I was able to look at it later and write the numbers down but I have no idea what ovary she was looking at. I will have to post my videos on here soon so you guys will know what I mean.. 

Despite having the Dr we don't like.. the apt went alright I guess.. not the sizes I wanted to see but I'll take it. 

The Verdict

Menopur 150iu D9
E2: 703
Lining: 0.803cm 

FollowUp #2
Not sure witch was on witch side
1.18 / 0.878 / 0.803 / 0.841 / 1.41 / 0.904

There were SO many more follicles worth measuring but she skipped right threw them! Once we got home we looked at the video and even my husband was like OMG look at all the big ones she skimmed threw! He thinks I have 1 that's a 15-16 that was missed because it was behind and she didn't really go digging. Makes us so mad! Now I wait 3 more injection days before going back.. this stresses me out a little. 

Despite the crappy experience with the cold Dr, I was happy because hubby was with me! :) We went to the pharmacy after and picked up 3 more days worth of Menopur..

 This was what our drive home looked like... for the entire 2 hour drive home... the highway was either covered in snow from really bad snowdrifts or it was blindingly shinny because of being wet.. we are having the Shanook winds so the weather went from -20 to +7 ...

Mileage on my car to Edmonton Clinic, then to the Pharmacy, then walked around Michaels and HomeSense, then went and grabbed some lunch to go and drove home. 
The Infertile Mrs.White