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Saturday, January 11, 2014

CD6 Menopur 150iu D4

I'm starting to get some weird side effects today...

  • The typical sore ovaries.. I can definitely feel them growing and I can definitely feel that they are taking up alot more room in there.
  • Burning sensation around my ovaries.
  • Weird painful pressure when I sit upright, I have to slouch when I sit to re-leave the pressure/pain. 
  • Mood swings.. I get irritated with the smallest things..  
  • Emotional.. I feel overly sad and wanna cry out of the blue all the time.. things on tv, my dogs being cute, people driving by, facebook statuses.. I want to cry of joy and sadness all at the same time all the time.. I feel lonely and battling all sorts of emotions threw out the day in my head.. it's so draining.  
  • I feel brain dead.. my brain feels like I haven't slept in 48 hours but I've been sleeping my regular sleep pattern. I feel like my brain response is delayed and my reflex.. like all day even my husband noticed. My brain is foggy. 
  • Horrible horrible headaches and nothing like my usual chronic migraines. This is like deep deep in my brain it aches real bad and nothing I do makes it feel better (ice on my head, all lights off, lay on couch, deep breathing, squeezing my temples..) 
The only drugs I'm allowed to take is Tylenol, I took 1 but it didn't do anything to change the pain. Tylenol is like candy to me since I've been taking it since I'm 6 years old. I find myself bitching and complaining about my headache all day because it's the only thing I can do. My eyes even got really red towards the evening and no relief would work. When I got home from work my husband gave me my shot before he left for work and I laid down on the couch with all the lights off and watched Netflix. I tried sitting in the quiet but it seemed to make it worst, so I put on a documentary on Netflix and put all my focus into watching that and not the pain.. I was sooo tired but couldn't fall asleep, I tried but when I closed my eyes my headache seemed worst.. so I literally watched tv will I couldn't keep my eyes open.. then I dragged my butt to bed, put on my cd "Circle and Bloom" wearing my ear phones and passed right out 5 minutes in. I woke up probably a good 45 minutes later and realized it was still playing in my ears so I threw it on the ground and passed back out. Hubby got home at 7am the next day (works overnights this week/weekend). I vaguely remember him coming home. 

Injection Day 4

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