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Sunday, January 12, 2014

CD8 Ultrasound pics from FollowUp apt.

The following are pictures I was able to snag (take pics of).. after our ultrasound, I get dressed then go to the nurses corner and they give us info on when to come back and all that fun stuff.. this time since it's Sunday the Pharmacy where we get the meds from are closed so the clinic keeps some supplies in stock for the people like us who live outside of town. The nurse had to go and get the meds I needed, during this time.. my file was just sitting there wide open for all to see (including myself haha).. So I took quick pics of the ultrasound pics and also took a pic of my chart haha but can't post, there was my personal address and info stuff but it's pretty great I was able to haha.. I was being all sneaky my husband was laughing at me because every time I'd hear a noise or steps I'd jump and pretend like I wasn't snooping threw my large file haha. 

This is my lining.. 0.685

My winner so far... a whooping 11!!! (Right Ovary)

Two smaller ones.. 8.2 & 7.8 (Right Ovary)

8.8 .. (Left Ovary)

9.4 ..  (Left ovary)

The Infertile Mrs.White