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Sunday, January 12, 2014

CD8 :Follow Up #1

Follow Up Blood Work & Ultrasound #1

Menopur 150iu D6
E2: 361
Lining: 0.685cm 
Right Ovary: 11 / 8.2 / 9.4 / 6.8
Left Ovary:  9 / 8.4  / 8.7

Wahoo!! We got an 11.. altho I really thought I'd see a 14, wishful thinking :P

We were the before last clients at the clinic and they were crazy busy... We waited around in the waiting room for over 2 hours!!! That's what happens when we don't get there ridiculously early in the am to grab a number before everyone else and wait an hour before the clinic even opens.. Gotta love first come first serve system. Hubby got home from work at 7:30am this morning so we weren't able to leave at our usual 6:40-7am to get there on time. (weekend clinic hours) On top of it, the clinic was WAY busier then it usually is. We were so tired from being up so early and hubby from not sleeping at all since his overnight shift... and the combination of waiting around in a waiting room for so long made us cranky mixed with comedians haha! We made a couple funny videos while we were waiting in this little room for the ultrasound room to be available. Lack of sleep + lack of patience = crazy us!

Here this was me being silly.. Hubby wanted to take a picture and I was doing the thumps up, then I was like wait a minute, today sucks, we are exhausted and it's not even noon yet! haha so I was in the midst of doing thumbs down :P 

Not to mention I was in ALOT of pain at this point.. sitting for over 2 hours made my ovaries really sore and I wanted to get this over with.. I was soooo curious to see what size they were since I was in so much pain I wanted answers that justified how I was feeling.. 
We waited a good 20 minutes in this little room and this was me not too empressed. I over heard them talk about a lady who needed a last minute IUI performed, apparently there was a mix up somewhere and well I got bumped and had to wait even longer sitting in the little room naked under a white bed sheet. Not pleased at all.   SUCKS!

From this minute on, I made hubby promise to never be on time or late again.. If we aren't very early then we don't get seen for hours! Like week days clinic opens at 7:45 and we usually get there at 6:45 to wait in line at the elevator for it to unlock and let us up at 7:15 to then wait some more for the receptionist to open her area at 7:45 for the numbers to then line up and we go in to check in with her by order of first come first serve with the number we grabbed on the way in. Then only around 8am do they actually start calling in the patients to be seen and get blood work done. This is what I mean by LOOONG mornings.. and if your not one of those people who are between numbers 1 and 6 you'll be waiting for ages! There must have been over 30 women today and we were the before last one! So imagine how long we waited around for... The worst part is on weekends we need to get blood work done at the hospital since the clinic blood lab is closed, the hospital blood lab opens at 9 then we have to rush to the clinic. We got to the blood lab at 9:30am.. got my blood drawn right away then rushed to the clinic and the waiting room was packed! We couldn't believe it.. we weren't even that late!!! Never again I tell ya, I told husband I rather go alone then be late again.. the wait was that bad.

The only good part about today was that we got the Dr we liked! She is so sweet, patient, understanding, explains everything about what she is doing during the ultrasound and she was aware my husband was making a video of the screen so she really went into details and explained the measurements and so on. It was a really great experience, she sure was able to turn a shitty morning into a better afternoon :) I really have to work on getting my video's up and running.. This one is so worth sharing, we really love this Dr! 

Mileage we put on my car from home to the Edmonton Clinic, to Starbucks to home.

The "Glad to be home" Infertile Mrs.White