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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Young kids in fertility clinic waiting room

I'm sitting at the clinic, the waitin room is full, I've never seen it that busy at one time before. Not to metion today people feel the need to bring their kids in the waiting room. A little girl probably around 5 years old just being really loud and when she finally leaves a dad brings in his really happy baby who's really talkative (baby gibberish) I can't look at them.. I'm sitting here in so much pain, sitting, standing, laying down the pain doesn't go away.. I understand why people bring their kids with them but at the same time weren't they in our shoes at some point too?? And aren't they trying again if their here again?? Don't they remember how shitty it feels to sit there praying for a miracle... Ugh. 

Hubby got home from work around 7:30 made me so nervous, I've been up since 5:20am I've showered, shaved, made a lunch for the day, took the dogs out twice, went to get gas and picked up coffee and breakfast for hubby so all he had to do was change and out the door. We usually LEAVE the house at 6:45 because we like to be early and give time incase the roads are bad. I drove because hubby needed to rest up a bit. 

We got to the hospital at 9:30 rushed for a washroom break then blood work in the main part of the hospital then walked to the fertility clinic building rushing all morning to arrive to a PACKED waiting room... I have a feeling the wait will be minimum an hour and a half... Now I remember why we always arrive here so early.. Avoid all the people and looong wait. 

The irritated Mrs.White