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Saturday, January 18, 2014

CD14 Follow Up #3

The Verdict

Menopur: N/A (all done!)
HCG: Trigger @ 10pm!!!
E2: 1175
Lining: 12

Right Ovary: 21 (OMG!!)
Left Ovary: 11 & 12 (didn't grow?) 

My lining 

Right ovary (looks so small because view is really zoomed out compared to usual). 

Left ovary (view is really zoomed out) 11 & a 12 and many others he didn't measure (prob between sizes 8-10) my follicles were hiding in this picture.. in the video you can see them really well.

Looks like that big sucker over powered all the other follicles.. 
I will post the video soon, you'll see.. the left ovary is still full of smaller follicles and the 11 suddenly looked bigger.. it still amazes me watching them grow from appointment to appointment (3 days apart).. they change so much from day to day.. they grow or in this case shrink? Either way I'm extremely happy with that great big follicle.. it was so perfectly shaped to, defenitly reassured me that's for sure. I'll admit though my first instinct was panic, I didn't understand what happened to my 11 and my 14.. how 3 days later I get a 21 and what seems like all the others dissapeared it's weird. I was expecting at least 2 follicles to size so when I only saw one I panicked because I wanted the most chances possible and I want twins more then anything. I just keep telling myself "It only takes ONE!". I can't wait to trigger tonight. Today is a good day :) 

This is how my morning/day played out 
Left home at 6:45am
This was the view about a little over an hour into my drive up.. the gorgeous sunrise!

Got to the blood lab building at 8:30am
Washroom breaks and bloodwork done 
Rushed to fertility clinic there for 9:00am
I'm about 7th in line. Once again many lady's in the waiting room but not as full as last apt! Sooo happy I left home extra early!! On top of it Bonus it's MY Dr who's doing the morning ultrasounds so I'm off to a good start!

Then this is what I saw on the ultrasound monitor!!! CRAZY!!! This just made my day go from okay to great! Took so much stress and worry off my shoulders.. I did it.. my body did it!! Last IUI my biggest follicle was a 19 altho I also had a 16 and a 17 so I had high chances for multiples yet no bfp! Maybe what I really need is one really nice plump round follicle that's mature and strong!

Keeping fingers crossed!!
The Infertile Mrs.White