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Friday, January 17, 2014

CD13 Menopur 150iu D11

I gave myself my injection again tonight BY CHOICE! haha I wanted hubby to take a video of me doing it.. We document all little things and I made a scrapbook for IUI#1, I have all the stuff to make the IUI#2 one and now I'm accumulating all small but meaningful memories to make the 3rd. (Hopefully the last!)

Check it out!!!

My followup #3 is tomorrow early morning.. I sadly have to go alone since hubby is working but I promised him I would take a video of the monitor to show him the progress! So far I have a video for every followup apt.. I'm gonna have to work on posting them soon.. gotta figure that out first haha.. I'm REALLY hoping it's not the Dr we don't like tomorrow because I'm pretty sure my follicles will finally be the right size and I want a good ultrasound experience with alot of valid good information, especially since I'll be alone this time, Dr's intimidate me, especially that one grouchy lady.. So hoping for the best and hoping I can fall asleep early tonight to not be so drained and tired tomorrow.. Gotta love those 4 hour car ride there and back.. Ugh. Life!