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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trigger Time!!!

It's trigger time @ 10:30pm !!!! 

I injected myself tonight.. All alone like a big girl :p. The injection went well but about 5 minutes later it started to sting a lot and that's when I was like "oh okay yah I feel it now". The last two iui's my trigger shot was Ovidrel... This time it's some pretty hard core stuff. Is it just me or does 10,000 USP units seem a little much?!! When I first brought this home I was like OMG!! Looks so scary so I ended up looking up on YouTube videos of how to mix it and inject it properly. I accedently told the pharmacist that I knew how to use it kinda forgetting it's not Ovidrel this time. The two bottles are a lot bigger then I've seen so far so I was def intimidated by them. 

Once I started mixing them and got the injection all ready to go it didn't seem to scary anymore. I was so relieved and happy to get to trigger tonight that it trumped over my needle phobia and the pain I was anticipating. I injected subcue in my stomach area.. To be exact to the left of my belly button and down an inch. (That was a good spot for me). 

The Infertile Mrs.White