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Sunday, January 5, 2014

CD1 Here we go again!

Here we go!!

I've never been so happy to start my period!
This means we are finally on our way to starting our 3rd IUI cycle.
AF started today around noon and I called the Fertility Clinic right away to book my baseline ultrasound for day 3. This means my appointment is Tuesday morning.

I took progesterone pills on December 23rd till January 1st (10 days) in order to give myself a period. I was getting really nervous when it wasn't starting.. I've seriously never been so happy to see red! I feel so useless every month I'm not actively trying to get pregnant.. 3rd time better be a charm! I'm going in this with a positive attitude because this round HAS to work!! My best friend just got her BFP on New Years Eve and how amazing would it be to be pregnant together, it's what we used to talk about when we were kids. This is her 2nd pregnancy, they have been trying for over 8 months. I'm really happy for her and I can't help but feel like maybe it's my time too.. it would be perfect timing.. So I want to stay positive threw the entire process and stress the least possible to give myself the highest chance possible. I'm going in with "this HAS to work" attitude.

Man do I ever love my husband! Sometimes I forget how much he actually listens to my every word. Months ago I told him about the Cycle and Bloom CD's and how I've read about them on couple blogs and was really curious about it. That night he downloaded a small preview of the CD and we listened to it in bed. It was so relaxing and I think he enjoyed it too. Weeks went by and we kind of forgot about it. To my surprise, yesterday he actually bought the CD online and surprised me with it in bed. He knew I was nervous about my period not starting right away and he wanted me to relax. Oddly enough my period started today. It was probably not by chance but I'll take it as a little sign of faith. Starting my cycle today means my baseline ultrasound is on day 3 witch brings us to Tuesday witch is perfect because that's the only day of the week where I only start work at noon-8pm. It will be an extremely long day but at least I wont have to stress about rushing to the appointment, then to the pharmacy to pick up the injections then drive another 2 hours to get to work. We usually try to get to the clinic for 7am and we usually make it to the pharmacy by 9am.  If my follow up appointment is 5 days later like it has been for the other 2 IUI it will bring us to Sunday witch is great because this means I don't work and we will be able to go shop around.. I've been real eager to go to IKEA and get a couple storage items.

Going to bed now, looking forward to my Cycle and Bloom Cycle day 1!

The Infertile Mrs.White