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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CD3 Menopur 150iu D1

This just happened! 150iu Menopur. Omg it BURNT!!! I thought I was going to pass out hubby made me lay down. It stung so much I'm scared I won't be able to do it on my own tomorrow at work. 

This is how my day went...
Alarm went off at 4:00am 
In the shower by 4:05
Hubby filled car with gas and got us coffees while I got ready and took dogs out. 
Out the door driving away by 5:05am 
It was pitch black out the whole way there. 
Got to the clinic at 7:02, it was still dark out. 
Had time to make a washroom break before grabbing a number in the waiting room. I was number 2! 

I was exhausted from lack of sleep so not my most flattering picture but this was me waiting for the Doctor to come.. Waited a good 10 minutes and the darkness of the room made me sleepier and more anxious.  It was 8:10 when we finally saw the Dr.. Makes for a lot of waiting around. 

This was the weather when we got out of the clinic. Grey and gloomy.  This is a pic of the highway leaving Edmonton. It snowed parts of the way home and the highway was slick, icy and saw a lot of cars in the ditch. Made for a stressful drive home luckily hubby was the one driving so I could rest up before going to work. 

Me wearing my new prescribed sun glasses. Ordered them online and they arrived yesterday so got to test them out today :) although it was so grey out only wore them for 5 minutes lol. 

This was me in the car.. Contemplating how im gonna inject myself today during work.. Since I'd be at a restaurant with my client during my injection time period..  Dirty Washroom stall injection didn't sound too appealing especially for day 1 of injecting this new med I haven't used before... 

Turns out I got a really bad migraine at work and asked to leave after 4 hours of work so I worked noon to 4 and went home. I was way too exhausted from my looong morning to make it threw work till 8pm and have to drive home.

Good thing I did because I chickened out when it came to injecting myself.. I got the injection ready and mixed the solution and all that fun stuff by myself.. Then I was holding the injection to my stomach area and couldn't get myself to stab it in!! My hand started to shake and Hubby had to jump to my rescue and inject me. The liquid stung so bad hubby said I turned white and I had to lay on the couch cause I felt light headed. I have a needle phobia and with Gonal-F it didn't really look like a needle and the injection didn't burn and it helped you make sure to inject slowly with the mechanism the pen has... This Menopur is an actual needle needle! (if I'm making any sense..)

Guys I have no idea how I'm gonna inject myself tomorrow :( it burnt/stung so much (post injection) that I'm scared to get it done again. Ughhhh!! 

The Infertile Mrs.White